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"Where Fresh is a Destination"

Suisun Valley, California


Ray and Victoria

Ray and Victoria

Bring your family to our Ranch! We open in late June with Blenheim apricots and Dahlias. We have over 20 varieties of peaches & nectarines. U-pick tomatoes, peppers, herbs, watermelon, pumpkins, flowers and more.

We are open Friday through Sunday from
late June until early November 9am-6pm.

Harvest Calendar


Garlic & Shallots ~ Throughout the season
Peaches: Snow Beauty* ~ Early July
Potatoes: Yukon Gold and Red ~ Early July
Peaches: Galaxy Donut ~ Early July
Nectarines: Candy Pearl* ~ July 4th
Nectarines: Double Delight ~ July 7th
Nectarines: Spiced Zee* nectaplum ~ July 7th
Nectarines: Arctic Jay* ~ July 12th
Peaches: Diamond Princess ~ July 10th
Peaches: Suncrest ~ July 10th
Peaches: Sugar Lady* ~ July 10th
Corn: White, Yellow, Bi-color ~ Begins July 15th and throughout the summer
Zucchini/Other squash ~ July 15th
Plums ~ Begin mid July
Peaches: Sweet Dream ~ July 20th
Apples: Akane ~ July 25th
Apples: Gravenstein ~ July 25th
Peaches: Elberta ~ Late July
Peaches: Snow Princess* ~ Late July
Peaches: Zee Lady ~ Late July

Our jams are available year – round.
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Events Calendar

There are no events scheduled at this time
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