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    "Where Fresh is a Destination"

    Suisun Valley, California


    Ray and Victoria

    Ray and Victoria

    Bring your family to our Ranch! We open in late June with Blenheim apricots and Dahlias. We have over 20 varieties of peaches & nectarines. U-pick tomatoes, peppers, herbs, watermelon, pumpkins, flowers and more.

    We are open Wednesday through Sunday from
    late June until early November 9am-6pm.

    Harvest Calendar


    Pears: Bartlett ~ August 1st
    Nectarines: Royal Giant ~ August 8th
    Tomatoes: Traditional ~ August 15th to first frost
    Tomatoes: Heirloom ~ August 15th to first frost
    Pears: Asian ~ August 15th
    Peaches: Cal Red ~ Mid August
    Peaches: Snow Dutchess* ~ Mid August
    Peaches: Lacy ~ Mid August
    Peaches: Indian Blood ~ Mid August
    Peaches: Sweet Bagel Donut Peach ~ Mid August
    Peacotum: Bella Gold ~ Mid August
    Peppers: Mild to hot ~ Mid to late August through first frost
    Peaches: Snow Giant* ~ Late August

    Our jams are available year – round.
    Click here to see them…

    Full Year Harvest Calendar here…

    Events Calendar

    Sunday – September 7th, 2014

    Green Valley Farmer’s Market

    Look for us at the Green Valley Farmer’s Market
    Read More…
    Location: 1800 Green Valley Road
    Green Valley, California 94534
    Time: 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    More Info here…
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