Erickson Ranch October 2017 Update

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The season of Autumn has arrived and it is ever so welcome. This is perhaps the best season, in my opinion, of the year. The weather is perfect and all the work the crops have done during the growing season have come to an end and they are preparing for a long winter’s nap. Needless to say, so is the Farmer. The tomatoes are here and delicious. Perfect as the nightly platter with oil, vinegar, and fresh basil, as the ideal addition to any dinner. For those that “can” the delightful tomato, come...

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Floods to Fruit at Erickson Ranch 2017

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This is by far the most difficult blog I have had to write. I must also say it has taken a bit of time to absorb the scope of what the winter storms brought our way and only time heals to allow me to be able to put it in writing. Erickson Ranch experienced a disaster the winter of 2017 like nothing we have ever seen. As we all know, in northern California, the rains in February of this past winter created havoc for everyone. The seemingly never-ending rain brought flood waters that have not been witnessed for...

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Visit our Online store for Jams

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Give us a visit at and take a look at our new store. Our on-line store is open for business selling small batch homemade jams and jellies. Erickson Ranch invites you to stop in and give us a try. We have been making jams for over 10 years, selling at our fruit-stand and at special events. Now is the time to try a jar of fruit first jams and jellies from Erickson Ranch. We have been in the farming business for over 50 years and all the jams we make are grown on our property with the...

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Changes for 2016!

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The year 2016 will bring changes to Erickson Ranch. As a small farming operation, we don’t have the privilege of hiring a Human Resources Department, a CEO, a CFO and a working staff of many. We are Human Resources, we are the CEO the CFO and we certainly are the working staff! With that said we realize we need to make changes to survive in the agriculture business that is part of the “Business Friendly” environment that is promoted by our state. After much thought and angst we determined it...

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Meyer Lemons, Meyer Lemons and Meyer Lemons!

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For those of you that don’t know, Erickson Ranch makes jams and jellies from the fruit and vegetables we grow. I found myself in an interesting predicament this winter during the Meyer Lemon season. Each year we make Meyer Lemon jelly during February when the lemons are ripe. Well, this year our lemon crop was very small and not as plentiful as in years past. We have one tree and it usually produces plenty (if not more than we need). We press each lemon extracting the juice, let it settle over night which...

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