From Tree to Fruit to Jar – The Story of Erickson Ranch Jams

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Blenheim Apricot, Amaretto Cherry, Cal Red Peach, Bartlett Pear. These are just a few of Erickson Ranch jams. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would be telling my story about jam making. Memories began as I was attending nursing school at the local Community College. The Bartlett pears were ripening and the harvest was in full swing. Did I have time to prepare or have any idea how to “put up” pears? Of course not, but for some strange reason I felt drawn to preserve this lovely fruit. The window of opportunity was short to...

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Catching Up with Erickson Ranch February 2014

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It has been many months since I sat down and wrote a blog. Once the growing season is finished and the winter arrives I go into “vacation mode” from the ranch. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually go on vacation, but I do have a tendency to step away from things for a spell. I always have blog ideas in the back of my mind but it is a different matter to actually sit down and compose a blog. 2013 was a busy productive year for Erickson Ranch. We grew wonderfully delicious sun-ripened fruits and vegetables and made more...

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September at the Ranch

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As the days shorten, the evenings cool and the seasonal crops change the sense of autumn’s arrival is felt. “Never a dull moment” and “always a job to be done” has been the ongoing motto of the staff at Erickson Ranch this year. With the hot, dry weather of 2013, the ripening of the fruit including apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, pluots and apples have been ahead of their usual ripening schedule. It all began with the Blenheim Apricot which ripened early and lasted only 2 instead of its usual 3...

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Don’t Drive By Drive In

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What is the meaning of “Don’t Drive in Drive By”? Let me explain. For many years our new customers tell us, “We have been driving by for many years and never drove in until today”, or “We never knew you were here”! Well hopefully this post will let our new customers and the public, in general, know where we are, what we are and what to look forward during their visit. The season is in full swing and well worth a trip to see us. Our third generation, going on fourth generation, family farm awaits each...

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The Gift of the Working Hand

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For those that work a family farm it is a given that all the work is hands on. Erickson Ranch has been ever so fortunate to have developed a terrific friendship with Katie Zaboy of Katie Zaboy Photography.Through her talents as a photographer, she has been able to capture the working hands that make our farm. Our connection began when Katie came out several years ago on the advise of a friend. She took some lovely pictures, we spoke briefly and didn’t meet again until this January. During that 2 year period before reconnecting with...

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A Fond Farewell to Our Beautiful Belle

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  How did Belle become part of our family? Over 10 years ago, as I was driving out to the Ranch, I quickly came to a stop behind a long line of cars. Wondering what the hold up was, I got out of the car and to my surprise it was a dog. This young golden lab mix, looking very lost, was running back and forth between cars as though she was looking for her lost owners. Of course the dog-lover in me called out to her, realizing she would certainly not come to me as I was not her family, but to my surprise, quite the opposite happened. I must...

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Take a Moment

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Do we often take the time to stop, look and enjoy our surroundings? If you are as busy as we are I am sure you don’t as often as you’d like. It is so very easy to get completely wrapped up with all the “things” we need to get done during the day. Time is always moving forward and it takes us along for the ride. I was forced to slow down this weekend after waking up with “crick” in my neck that was not going to let up until I slowed down. Many of you, have awakened with the same malady from sleeping wrong,...

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Fava Beans and Mother’s Day

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A guaranteed sign of spring around Erickson Ranch is the ripening of our fava Beans. Mothers Day has always been the traditional first picking of this delicious bean. For those that don’t know or haven’t heard of fava beans be sure not to confuse them with lima beans. Personally, I like a fresh lima but they are hard to come by and unfortunately for those of my generation the only lima was a canned lima. The fava looks similar to a lima but that is where the comparison ends. I will be honest and say that I had neither heard of nor...

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“Grafts, Grafts and more Grafts”

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It has been a productive winter season for us. Not only are we leaning about marketing which is a category all to itself , Raymond has been busy grafting several varieties of peaches and. Though these trees won’t be in production for 3 years it is exciting plan and look forward to the upcoming seasons. The “art” of grafting is learned through trial and error and those that graft must be long on patience. Of course the “art” of any craft takes time and the desire to make it the best before it is presented to the...

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Farmers Vacation?

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oxymoron (ok”si mo”on). a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness” or “farmers vacation.” This quote is taken directly from my, on the office shelf, Websters Dictionary ( with the exception of the Farmers Vacation, which was my addition!) A farming vacation is certainly an example, in my opinion, of an oxymoron. In the world of a farmer is is a positive phrase to say the least. We rarely take a vacation away from the ranch not...

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