Erickson Ranch Jams

For many people, locally made jam is reminiscent of time spent with their parents or grandparents, making jam from fruit they grew or picked themselves. A visit to our family farm creates a sense of nostalgia for our customers, as they recall the sounds, sights, and smells from times when families worked together to create a meal which would bring them all together around the table.

We are very fortunate to be able to grow most of the fruit we use for jam making. Ray’s mother Rosie was an expert canner. It was her passion for the preservation of fresh fruit and vegetables that led us to experiment with making jam. We pick our fruit at its peak ripeness and process it that same day, allowing us to use less sugar. This, in turn, brings out the true flavor of the fruit. For us, there are not many experiences more rewarding than taking a raw fruit and processing it into a beautiful quart jar of glistening Bartlett pears or O’Henry peaches, which can be eaten throughout the winter.

We started simply with peach jam, and gave it to friends and family as gifts. It was trial and error until the process was perfected, but, as time passed, folks began to ask if we sold the jam. After several trips to the county office to obtain correct certification, and once we found a commercial kitchen, we were on our way. There are a few staple varieties of jam we produce, that we know our customers love, but we also really enjoy trying new flavors in the hope of creating something really exciting.

The flower garden, which we now call our Dahlia Garden at our ranch, was started by Rosie. Years later, we delight in our ability to bring the old fashioned tradition of flower picking to our visitors. Rosie always had flowers such as dahlias, peonies, lantana, and petunias in various states of bloom. She beautified the property by planting annuals such as marigolds, cosmos and zinnias by the shed where the u-pick garden is today. We plant a combination of annual flowers interspersed amongst the perennials to provide an ever changing array of flowers for bouquets. As visitors stroll in the garden with their baskets, they are often surprised at what flowers will present themselves for picking.

It is constantly rewarding for us to continue the tradition that is Erickson Ranch for those that already know us, and to introduce what we have to new customers. We especially enjoy witnessing the delight in their faces as their taste buds are awakened when they experience what “real produce” tastes, looks, and smells like. We strive to educate our customers about what goes into producing the most delicious fruit and vegetables they have ever eaten, and to have them come back again and send their friends to see us, too.