Our jams are available year – round. Click here to see them…

* = white fleshed ** = you pick
  • We do not have "you pick" fruit
  • We do have "you pick" tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins
  • We sell by the pound or by the box
  • Varieties last 10 days to 2 weeks


Pears: Bartlett ~ August 1st

Nectarines: Royal Giant ~ August 8th

Tomatoes: Traditional ~ August 15th to first frost

Tomatoes: Heirloom ~ August 15th to first frost

Peaches: Cal Red ~ Mid August

Peaches: Snow Dutchess* ~ Mid August

Peaches: Lacy ~ Mid August

Peaches: Indian Blood ~ Mid August

Peaches: Sweet Bagel Donut Peach ~ Mid August

Peacotum: Bella Gold ~ Mid August

Peppers: Mild to hot ~ Mid to late August through first frost


Peaches: Fairtime ~ 1st week September

Nectarines: September Bright ~ September 1st

Apples: Golden Delicious ~ September 1st

Apples: Red Delicious ~ September 1st

Peaches: September Sun ~ 2nd week of September

Peaches: Halloween ~ 3rd week September

Peaches: Snow Fall* ~ 3rd week September

Peaches: Sweet September ~ 3rd week September

Nectarine: Arctic Mist* ~ September 20th


Apples: Fuji October 1st

Apples: Rome Beauty ~ October 1st

Pumpkins and Gourds ~ October 1st

Persimmons: Fuyu ~ October 30th


Persimmons: Hychia ~ Early November


Flowers** ~ Annuals and Perennials for picking throughout the season

Jams ~ Throughout the season

Peaches: Flavorcrest ~ Late June

Peaches: Regina ~ Late June

Peaches: Snow Beauty* ~ Late June

Apricots: Blenheim ~ June 18


Peaches: Snow Beauty* ~ Early July

Peaches: Galaxy Donut ~ Early July

Nectarines: Candy Pearl* ~ July 4th

Nectarines: Double Delight ~ July 7th

Nectarines: Spiced Zee* nectaplum ~ July 7th

Peaches: Diamond Princess ~ July 10th

Peaches: Suncrest ~ July 10th

Plums ~ Begin mid July

Peaches: Sweet Dream ~ July 20th

Apples: Akane ~ July 25th

Apples: Gravenstein ~ July 25th

Peaches: Elberta ~ Late July

Peaches: Snow Princess* ~ Late July

Peaches: Zee Lady ~ Late July