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Our Staff

Ray and Vicki

Raymond Erickson

Ray comes by farming naturally as he is the third generation of his family to continue what his grandparents started in the 1920’s. One could say it is in his blood. Being born and raised on the ranch he has a true connection to the land.

Victoria Erickson

Not a farmer by birth but learning the farming business out of necessity is Ray’s wife, Victoria. A nurse by trade and still practicing, she partners with Ray to run Erickson Ranch which includes making jams from Erickson Ranch produce.

Kristen Wiederspan

Though Kristen, our daughter, a nurse in Arizona, and her husband, Ryan, in sales, certainly play an important role in understanding the workings of the ranch. Having been born and raised in a farming family and Ryan with years of sales and management background, understands what it takes to make a successful business.

Ross Erickson

The fourth generation of the ranch will be carried on by our son Ross. His wife Bri, pursuing a nursing degree, extend the Erickson Ranch family. Ross currently works at a local refinery but his desire lies with the business of making hard Cider. The ranch can provide him the ability to grow cider apple trees as he works diligently to perfect his craft. Ross is moving Erickson Ranch in new and exciting directions.

German painting


Not only is German an asset working at the ranch he is an artist. His talents are reflected in the signage he has created for us over the years.



Brandon has been working for Erickson Ranch for the past 5 years. He is a terrific worker and is a wonderful addition to our staff. He is a jack of all trades and whatever task he takes on we can be assured it will get done well. As he pursues his education as a firefighter, we will see less of him, but he is often available when he has time to give us a helping hand.