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Suisun Valley Harvest CelebrationBetter late than never is perhaps the best opening for this blog post. We are beginning our peak season and going many directions at once. Once our produce ripens we have no choice but to pick it, package it and move it on to our customers. We sell at our fruit stand, deliver to some independent markets and restaurants, participate in the farmers markets at the Nut Tree in Vacaville every Wednesday and the Benicia Market every Thursday and have started a small CSA with Kaiser in Napa. We make jams from our fruit at the local commercial kitchen in Suisun and participate in events that promote the buying locally grown produce.

As busy as we are and with all that said, we must not lose sight of the face that we would not be able to have our business if it were not for you, our customers and visitors.

In this day and age of technology and fast forward promotion, the small business owner, is forever trying to figure out how to put it all together in a package that is attractive to our customer base. We are told to update our Face book page at least weekly and the blog as often as is necessary to keep it interesting.
Suisun Valley Harvest Celebration In theory, it sounds possible but in reality it is not such an easy task. I would like to give my ideas to my PR person and say, “Make it so”, but I am the PR person and it is often made so when we have time. I must say, personally, the ideas are always floating around in my mind but finding the time to put it into the written word take a bit of scheduling. Needless to say, we probably are a bit behind in an updated blog but now you know why.

Suisun Valley Harvest CelebrationWe would like to thank all the participants that made our 2010 Suisun Valley Harvest Celebration a success on August 15th. This event gave the lovely Suisun valley a chance to be promoted as the wonderful destination it is for families to spend the day and have some fun at the farms/wineries. Nothing beats great food, great wine and the perfect destination. Our valley is not large but it is quite diversified and offers attractions for everyone from children through adults. Over 300 visitors came down the driveway to Erickson Ranch. My heartfelt thanks go out to The Hipwaders (www.hipwaders.net), Nick’s BBQ (Nick and Barbara Bowles), Jim and Margie Furco with the Golden Eagle, Sool (www.suisunwildlife.org) , Cindy’s You pick Flower Headbands , Master Gardeners, Erickson Ranch Jam tasting and all the staff at Erickson Ranch. What a delight it was to meet many new visitors and welcome back our familiar friends.Nick's BBQ at Harvest Celebration

October 16th and 17th will be Fun Family Farm Days. We are excited and looking forward to more fun at the farm with the family. We will have, Buck Ford Pure Country Band (www.buckford.com) , BBQ, Pony Rides, Tomato Plaster and more.