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Well the season is well underway at the Ranch and and the fruit has been absolutely outstanding. This year was a banner year for the Blenheim Apricots. They ripened early but were of the highest quality and lasted for a little over 3 weeks. There is certainly no other apricot that can compare to the flavor of the Blenheim. They last all season, so to speak, because once the ripe fruit is gone, we make delicious jam and dry the rest.

The peaches are coming fast and furious and have been lovely so far. We invested in a refrigerated unit this season which allows us to pick the fruit at peak ripeness and keep it in the cooler for a bit longer than in the past.Dont't-Drive-by-Drive-In

The delicious Sun-Brite tomatoes are here! Nothing says summer like a big slice of tomato on just about anything. Be sure to visit our website and take a look at the harvest calendar for what varieties are available.

144As the season continues we want to be sure folks know we are still dealing with the road closure on Cordelia Road. Unfortunately the road has been closed since our opening day 2013. Apparently the city of Fairfield and the railroad companies are in a dispute over the request of the railroad companies for improvements before the road will be completed. Keep your fingers crossed that the dispute ends soon and traffic can flow through.

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We are open and we invite you all to come by and visit. Our hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Jam tastings every weekend. See you soon!