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What is the meaning of “Don’t Drive in Drive By”? Let me explain.

For many years our new customers tell us, “We have been driving by for many years and never drove in until today”, or “We never knew you were here”! Well hopefully this post will let our new customers and the public, in general, know where we are, what we are and what to look forward during their visit.

The season is in full swing and well worth a trip to see us. Our third generation, going on fourth generation, family farm awaits each season. Take a moment and read the history of Erickson Ranch.

The peaches, nectarines, plums, beets, carrots, watermelon and more have been absolutely full of flavor and spot-on delicious. Due to a dry spring and hot summer the tree fruit has been ahead of schedule. Each variety of fruit usually lasts 10 days to 2 weeks but due to early ripening 2 weeks is asking a bit much this year. Each visit will be a new visit, so to speak, as the fruit is coming and going quicker than usual and honestly, faster than we like. What can we say, Mother Nature is in charge. We have no choice but to comply with her wishes.

The 2013 Blenheim Apricot provided us with a bumper crop. This is great news as last year this was not the case. The Blenheim is a delicate apricot with the quintessential flavor of this traditional fruit for eating, canning and drying. With the hot weather ripening moved in fast motion, decreasing the season from 3 to 2 weeks. This was not good for those that wanted ripe cots and in order to preserve the best of the Blenheim the process of drying was put in high gear. Cutting, sorting, washing and drying was placed on the front burner. We are completing the final stage of packaging and soon they will be available for your eating pleasure.


The Sunbrite tomato ripens with its redness and delicious flavor which elicits memories of summers past. This best bacon + lettuce + tomato (BLT) makes for a memorable lunch or evening meal. U-pick tomatoes will begin in mid August.


The pepper season is fast approaching. The plants look healthy and strong and will provide peppers for our pepper experts in varieties from mild to hot. End of September brings a plethora of pepper picking pleasure. The chili roaster is ready for action.

The u-pick garden is full of life with carrots, beets, basil, lettuce, flowers and more. Grab a basket, a pair of scissors and take a walk through the garden as you fill the basket with garden fresh goodies.

Erickson Ranch Jams

The jam making is in high gear to keep up with the ripe fruit. Jam tasting each weekend provides our visitors a chance to sample our low sugar, high fruit jams. Your taste-buds can make the decision.