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Father time and Pig144
This Halloween Season will certainly brings a “Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch.” Mother Nature dictates all that happens on the Ranch and this year it was the pumpkins patch.
The pumpkin planting season started off with a bang. A lovely variety of seeds were planted and the drip line was stretched through each row. With the sun and warm weather the seeds sprouted and the plants grew with vigor. As the season progressed some of the pumpkin plants began to have failure to thrive. No matter what we did, some of the pumpkins did not respond. We turned our efforts to the other patch that was growing much with much more vigor.
We are proud to say it is a “Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch.” Grab a wagon, bring the family and pick a pumpkin to be your Jack-O-Lantern.
Our home grown atmosphere is calm, soothing and the rest of the products: apples, tomatoes, peppers (chili roaster available), butternut and delicata squash, home-made (jam tasting Saturday and Sunday) are all available for you visit.
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Hope to see you this weekend!