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If you’re a fan of Erickson Ranch Jams, you might want to join our “family” by becoming a member of the Erickson Ranch Jam Club.  Our goal with the Erickson Ranch Jam Club is to celebrate farm life, fresh produce and healthy living.

As an Erickson Ranch Jam Club member, you’ll receive specially selected shipments (three jams) that highlight the full range of what we offer. Over the course of a year, you will receive three shipments of our jams.

Benefits of the Erickson Ranch Jam Club membership include:

  • Discounts ( 5% ) on all jams for ongoing purchases
  • First access to our newest seasonal Home Grown/Hand Made releases
  • Handpicked recipes for maximum enjoyment of our jams
  • Invitations to club only events

Club members receive three shipments of jams per year. Each shipment is very affordable at $25 plus shipping. Once we let you know that a shipment is coming, you can also add additional jams to your club shipment.

We also offer a pickup option. With each release, we’ll establish a reasonable pickup deadline. Club releases not picked up by the deadline date will be shipped.

Erickson Ranch Jam Club

Membership is a one-year commitment and there is a $50.00 fee for early cancellations.

By joining the Erickson Ranch Jam Club, you acknowledge that after year one, the membership will continue on an auto-renew basis and won’t be cancelled unless you contact us in writing via info@ericksonranch.com

     By Checking Here, I Certify That I Have Read All the Rules of the Erickson Ranch Jam Club and I Am Ready to Sign Up!