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The season of Autumn has arrived and it is ever so welcome. This is perhaps the best season, in my opinion, of the year. The weather is perfect and all the work the crops have done during the growing season have come to an end and they are preparing for a long winter’s nap. Needless to say, so is the Farmer.

The tomatoes are here and delicious. Perfect as the nightly platter with oil, vinegar, and fresh basil, as the ideal addition to any dinner. For those that “can” the delightful tomato, come and get it. Our tomatoes are at their peak.

The peppers are growing fat and happy and ready for picking. Long hot, long sweet and poblano chilies are varieties grown this year.

We are open weekends from 9 am to 6 pm. We realize this is an inconvenience for many customers, so if you need something during the week, please call Ray at 707-290-9161 to place an order and we will be happy to fill it.

Jam tasting is each weekend unless Erickson Ranch is on the road to an event.

Our jams are “small batch” made. For those that don’t make jam the term “small batch” probably means little to you.

The description of “small batch” is literally one batch at a time. As we prepare the MOTHER BATCH in our large copper pot, we take from her to make her offspring. The offspring are each and every small patch made one at a time.

Our jams and jellies are made from tree-ripened fruit which requires less sugar. This allows the flavor of the jam to present itself with each bite.

The jam can be used traditionally on toast, scones or as part of a cheese platter for a special event. They are also delicious warmed-up over vanilla ice cream or used as a substitute for BBQ sauce on a rack of ribs or chicken. Be creative! Please visit www.ericksonranch.com/store to order jams and jellies.

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