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Ray in the field grafting

The day was perfect and full of sunshine. A change much welcomed from the rain we have had over the last few weeks. Our daffodils, a bit of sunshine right here on earth, are in full bloom. Though the ground is still holding onto the moisture we can get out and do the continued work of weeding, tractor driving to begin the preparation of the soil for planting and grafting new peach varieties onto the 3 year old trees. The scion wood from the variety of peach chosen is trimmed to the specific size and shape to fit into the slit made in the pruned limb. The size and shape of the fit are very important as both pieces of wood need to make an extremely snug and tight fit to ensure the beginning of new growth in the spring. The peach, “September Sweet”, a delicious variety, is being grafted by Ray. In the words of Raymond, “We’ll have a few peaches from this graft next summer”.