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It has been a productive winter season for us. Not only are we leaning about marketing which is a category all to itself , Raymond has been busy grafting several varieties of peaches and. Though these trees won’t be in production for 3 years it is exciting plan and look forward to the upcoming seasons.

The “art” of grafting is learned through trial and error and those that graft must be long on patience. Of course the “art” of any craft takes time and the desire to make it the best before it is presented to the public. The perfection of a craft is really the true definition of a labor of love. Another way to convey that message is the old fashioned saying “the proof is in the pudding”.

The grafts that were successful this year were a combination of increasing the varieties most requested by our customers as well as some new/traditional selections researched by Ray to add to the current list. There are not many things in life better than a tree-ripened, picked from orchard from which the fruit was grown, peach- smelling, chin- dripping peach. They are the best eaten ripe, made into cobbler, made into home made jam, canned as whole fruit, dried, or included in your favorite recipe. The traditional flavor of a ripe peach is a blast from the past and a welcome to the future for those that haven’t tasted them yet.

Erickson Ranch has, over the years has extended the varieties of peaches we offer. Our earliest peach, the Regina, ripens with the Blenheim apricots with our opening on June 23rd. Bare with us as our website harvest calendar is revamped to reflect the varieties of white and yellow peaches as well as nectarines we grow and sell.