Hit the Ground Running

Once the Ranch opens for the season the action never stops. There are only so many hours of sunlight in the day to get the job done. Even though we have been open only one month the crop of Blenheim apricots is coming to a close and we are already on the third variety of both white and yellow peaches as well as nectarines. The memories of the fruit from last season are once again brought to life with the first bite of the delicious, tree ripened, chin dripping peach. One cannot eat a ripe peach standing straight up for it requires bending at the waist and letting the juice fall to the ground. With each bite the flavor makes your taste-buds explode and ask for more. Each peach and nectarine variety lasts, at most, only 2 weeks and some even less. I am often asked, “What is your favorite variety of peach?” Honestly, I would have to say that each time a new peach comes into the fruit shed from the field it is my favorite.

To keep the fruit coming and the Fruit Shed stocked requires hitting the ground running the moment the sunlight shines on your face in the morning. Please note the “Farmers Foot-Wear apparel” as he begins his day.

Farmers Foot-Wear apparel
Farmers Foot-Wear apparel

On the top step is the “slip-on” for easy access first thing in the morning to make a quick check of the shed. On the second step is the “irrigation boot” perfect for changing the ever present irrigation pipe to make sure all waters are going the right direction. Next in line is the traditional “Lace-Up Work Boot” that carries the farmer throughout most of the day. Finally is the “Dress Cowboy Boot” for the occasional visit to a nearby restaurant for a relaxing dinner at the end of a long, productive day.

Blenheim Apricots
Blenheim Apricots

As mentioned earlier, the Blenheim Apricots are completing their spectacular show for 2010. They have not only been beautiful but absolutely delicious. We will be able to continue the tradition and flavor of the Blenheim through the season in our Apricot jam as well as wonderful dried apricots.

We look forward to seeing at the ranch!

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