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Jam Club Survey

Erickson Ranch Jam Club Survey


    Please fill out this form only if you are interested in participating in an Erickson Ranch Jam Club. Everyone who fills out this form will qualify to win a gift pack with three jams of their choice. There will be one lucky winner! Entry deadline is Friday, March 5, 2021.

    How many jars of jams would you like to receive in a club shipment:

    If you were to receive a regular club shipment, what items would you prefer to receive?
    Check as many boxes as you like:

    How many times a year would you be interested in receiving shipments?

    Would there be an interest in a seasonal approach to deliveries such as lemon for
    Spring, apricot or peach for Summer and Christmas Harvest and apple butter for

    Do you have any additional comments to help us decide how to build our jam club: