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40-year old camellias at the Ranch

I can now say I am among those that have had a major computer crash. I now believe in the saying, “it’s not if your computer will crash, it is when”. Needless to say we lost all our programs but able to keep most of our files. As I learn how to get things back in working order I am also updating the blog.

Spring is officially here and it is ever so obvious. The fruit trees are pushing out new buds, the newly planted seeds are breaking through the soil in the hoop-house, the 40 year camellias are in full bloom and as the ground dries the tractors can work up the soil to prepare for the new plantings. The seasons repeat themselves and the tradition of farming continues.

As Erickson Ranch continues on the family tradition we also look forward to new directions to enhance our business. Projects in progress are:

1. We will be participating in the Benicia Main Street Certified Farmers Market (info@beniciamainstreet.org) every Thursday evening beginning in early July.

2. We are implementing and becoming certified in the Good Agricultural Practices or GAP program. The purpose, as a grower, is to insure a safe food supply to our customers from planting, growing, harvesting and finally selling the product. With the on-line direction of Primus Lab (primuslabs.com), which is a premier third party auditing company, we will complete the process of developing our own operationas Standard Operating Procedures manual. This process is taking us in a different direction than we are used to but in the long run it is by far the best program for us to implement to insure the best product for our customers.

3. We are contemplating and setting the foundation to begin our own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). If all the parts of the CSA puzzle come together we may begin this year. If not we will be ready for the 2011 season.

As a small business it is always behooves us to look forward and stretch our business sense to combine our traditions withthe present and into the future.