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Though we started a bit slow this season things are picking up. Keep your fingers crossed that the hot summer weather will come and stay for a while. The peaches and nectarines have been absolutely delightful, both the white and yellow varieties. The current yellow freestone variety is Suncrest and the peachy sweet white variety is the Sugar Lady. We pick our peaches after they have been allowed to ripen naturally on the tree. The full flavor and sweetness is allowed to fill the fruit and once harvested they are ready to eat. The white fleshed peaches require picking when they are a bit firm as they are so full of natural sugar that bruising occurs quickly if picked when soft. If you buy a firm white peach place it on the kitchen counter for a day or two and your taste-buds will not be disappointed.

Over the years, Raymond has developed a reputation for planting peaches. New varieties are planted after research and consideration about where the new peach will fit into the existing orchards. We have sufficient varieties to keep our fruit- shed full of the delectable peach from the time we open until October. Every two weeks a new variety will ripen so don’t be surprised if your favorite peach is not available for as long as you would like. The beauty of buying farm grown produce is that is is “seasonal”. We don’t have everything, all the time, but we have the best of each variety because we harvest at peak ripeness. Another sure sign of the perfect peach is the story your nose will tell you. There are not to many summer treats better than walking into the fruit stand, inhaling the aroma of fresh peaches and taking that first bite. Chin-dripping good!!!

Our nectarines are catching up in flavor and quantity to our peaches. The “no-fuss peach” or nectarine has a delicious flavor and beauty all its own. We have had 3 going on 4 varieties of nectarines already this season. Our nectarines come in white and yellow flesh and as with the peaches they are tree ripened before picking. The nectarine is smaller in size but what it lacks in size it makes up for in flavor and deliciousness. One of the current nectarines at this time is called the Double Delight. It’s name is the perfect description of this beautiful and delightful fruit to eat.

Both the peaches and nectarines make, without a doubt, the best cobbler in the world. A simple cobbler brings out the perfect flavor of the fruit and is perhaps one of summer-times favorite desserts. Please go to our recipes under Harvest Calendar for the perfect cobbler.


The peach and nectarine season is coming fast and furious and we hope to see you at the shed to sample some of the best peaches around. If you can’t make it to the Ranch, our peaches can also be found at the Totally Local Farmers Market in Green Valley www.gvagconservency.org Saturday morning 9 to 1 or the Farmers Market in Benicia on Thursday from 4 to 8.