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Do we often take the time to stop, look and enjoy our surroundings? If you are as busy as we are I am sure you don’t as often as you’d like. It is so very easy to get completely wrapped up with all the “things” we need to get done during the day. Time is always moving forward and it takes us along for the ride.

I was forced to slow down this weekend after waking up with “crick” in my neck that was not going to let up until I slowed down. Many of you, have awakened with the same malady from sleeping wrong, overworking the same muscle, over exercising or who knows what else. I visited my favorite Chiropractor, got some muscle relaxers and was told to rest and let the muscle relax. STOP! RELAX! GET OFF MY FEET!! Are they kidding? Do they realize what they are asking me to do? “Impossible”, I said as I had much left to do. I headed back to work at the local hospital thinking it will get better as the day went on. No such luck! Needless to say I was forced to go home with ice and let the muscle relaxers do their job. Our Rat Terriers, Sammy and Jilly, were perhaps the only one’s happy with this set -up, as I provided a great excuse for them to lay around on the couch all day.

Spring raised beds

I couldn’t get comfortable no matter what position I tried. It was finally tolerable to sit up with 3 pillows under my head and shoulders. This put me in the perfect spot to look out the sliding glass door. I had forgotten how “alive” it was. As I began to relax I took notice of all the birds that stop by the ranch. There must have been some reason for me to tweak my neck. Had I not hurt my neck, I wouldn’t be sitting on the couch in the middle of the day and the beauty that surrounds me would have passed right by. Strange how things happen, isn’t it?

Ray, the farmer of this couple, has always been a birder and acutely aware of the habitat the ranch provides for the bird-life. As the land is worked throughout the seasons Ray ensures there are homes for all the critters that choose to come by and let us be a part of their life cycle. Our fields and orchards are plowed late in the season as a welcoming mat to encourage all the flora to grow and fauna to make a temporary home.

As I recuperate and watch from the “healing window” I take note of the beautiful blue birds outside the that have set up housekeeping. We were given several birdhouses with instructions for mounting to attract birds. Each birdhouse has a different size opening that allows only a specific bird to enter. We mounted the bluebird house on the telephone outside our home. It was not long until we noticed the Mr. and Mrs. setting up housekeeping and raising their young. They are busy each and every day as both mom and dad feed and raise the young. The first time you see a bluebird your will be in for a treat. They are the color of a blue-jay but much smaller and quieter. It is a treat to sit and watch them as they land on the fence with the sun reflecting off their iridescent feathers. Please take a moment and go to: Western Blue Bird Identification for more information on blue birds.

We took our Sunday walk this morning in the garden with coffee in hand, dogs and chickens in tow. Unless I take a moment to stroll it is easy to forget how beautiful and relaxing it is. Gardens within gardens present themselves as we meander through the walkway. The raised beds are full of young vegetables, dahlias, potatoes, herbs and more. The red and yellow onions will be harvested soon and the beds will be recycled and used for the planting of a different crop. Apricots and peaches are ripening.

The beauty of the Ranch surrounds us every day and we need to take a moment and enjoy the beauty. We need to relax during our busy schedules. As we prepare to open for the season on June 23rd we look forward to seeing you all!