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It is a sad opening this season without our wonderful Blenheim apricot.  Mother Nature has handed us a difficult season to say the least.  Without the warmth of the sunshine and the prolonged rain and cooler than usual weather our Blenheim orchards decided to take a prolonged vacation until next season. Traditionally the Blenheim has been available in abundance when we open the end of June.  This year we will have to make amends.  We will certainly miss this wonderful fruit but as farmers we know each season brings a challenge that we must  accept and put behind us as we move forward.

Now that the rain is behind us (we hope!!!) we have to keep a positive attitude and move forward into the upcoming planting and harvesting for 2011.  We have added more raised beds and they are  bursting with a  bounty of  lettuce, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, herbs and flowers.  Take a walk through the gardens with a basket and fill it with a bounty from our gardens.

The peaches are soon to follow.  As the days grow longer and the sun warms the fields the  fruit and vegetables will be harvested and the shed will be filled.

As the season gets underway so does the making of jams and jellies.  We make the jams from fruit picked at peak ripeness which allows the true flavor of the fruit to present itself.

The  greeting party of pups are looking forward to your arrival as you enter the drive way!  Come enjoy the ranch and take a moment to stroll, relax, sit in the hammock, take in the beauty that is Erickson Ranch and enjoy.

As difficult as making a living  “off the land”  can be, we are committed to providing the best  “home grown” product  to our customers.

We welcome you to the Ranch this season!!