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Take a Walk in our sleeping garden!

Welcome to the Erickson Ranch blog, “Shed Talk”! With Christmas over and the New Year here, we are looking forward to staying in touch with you throughout the seasons.

This is our slow season and there is always a job to be done. We repair the well used equipment, and plan for spring that will arrive before we know it.

The fields are left dormant but are seemingly full of life as the Robin, Quail and the Sparrows are in constant search of winter’s offerings to fill their bellies. They dine on berries, seed pods, the remaining Hichya persimmons too high to harvest as well as juicy earth worms trying to stay hidden in the soil.

The shed that was full of produce during the growing season, now kept warm by the stove, is transformed into our workshop for repairs and the completion of many projects. The seed catalogs have already begun to arrive. We will spend many an evening browsing and picking out not only the good old standbys but always something new.