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A workday at the ranch seems like a silly thing to write about in a post. Isn’t every day a work day on the ranch? Well, yes it actually is but this is a special work day.

During the “off” season or the time of year that we are closed to customers our time is spent repairing and making the needed changes we can only think about during the busy season.

Ray, Kristen and Ross after bringing down a walnut tree

We schedule several family workdays during the late winter, early spring with specific projects in mind to complete. Our two grown children, Kristen and Ross, live close enough that they can spend the day at the ranch completing that chosen task.

The tradition of the Erickson Ranch family workday, they will tell you, started when, as young children mom would scheduled workdays to get actual work done at home. That tradition has fortunately, for me, continued to the present.

Our job at the February workday was to cut down several trees that had outlived their usefulness. This walnut tree took the combined effort of shovels, chainsaws, tractors and lost of elbow grease. The roots were as large as the trunk of the tree. Between the gentle rains that fell during the day and lots of putting our heads together to figure the best way to pull the walnut tree from the earth, we called it a successful day!